CPR cable regulations

Fire safety regulations wherever there is a permanent installation are getting tougher and tougher as time passes and we have to keep up. In addition to the 60 models that have already been certified in recent years, Tasker is currently working on certifying even more items for more sectors and, most importantly, for higher risk environments, i.e. B2Ca and Cca. In particular, we are talking about a speaker cable, a coaxial video cable 75 Ω and a LAN cable that can be used for many different applications such as DMX lighting and audiovisual signal transmission via IP via Dante and HDBaseT protocols.

Below some more details:
- Loudspeaker cables: TSK401, TSK402, TSK403 respectively 2x1.00, 2x1.50, 2x2.50 mm² and Cca s1a-d0-a1 CPR certified
- S.F./U.T.P. Cat.6 LAN cable: C722 CPR, 4x2x0.25 mm², B2ca - s1a - d0 - a1 CPR certified
- 3G-SDI video cable: TSK 1079 CPR, 75 Ω Cca - s1a - d0 - a1 CPR certified

All our EVAC- and fire detection cables are now CPR certified for the medium risk class Cca - s1a - d0 - a1, according to the new regulations of June 2020, without compromising the flexibility of the products.

Below some more details:
- Voice evacuation cables: TSK201, TSK202, TSK203 respectively 2x1.00, 2x1.50, 2x2.50 mm²
- Fire detection cables: TSK301, TSK302, TSK303 respectively 2x1.00, 2x1.50, 2x2.50 mm²

All mentioned cables can also be used as audio, video or data cables in any fixed installation, even if they are not directly related to fire protection. We are at your disposal for more information as usual, so don't hesitate to get in touch.